Energy – The Wellspring Of Life

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 5, 2018

Energy is an interesting concept.  It conjures all sorts of ideas/emotions.  For our purposes, we’re going to focus on energy and oft-overlooked ways to tap into it.

Usually, the ways people gain energy are through rest, sleep and eating healthy foods.  Occasionally people might state they feel energized doing other activities, but for the most part the point of view of how people consistently gain energy is seen through a limited perspective.

Be that as it may, there are myriad other ways people can get energized.  Sometimes a calming vacation in a cabin retreat helps revitalize someone.  Or perhaps even a weekend at a beach or a cabin in the mountains can help reinvigorate individuals energetically.  Working out has also been known to energize individuals.  So on and so forth.

Bottom line – the above examples showcase the same concept, but from various points in the kaleidoscope.  The energy an individual can tap into is available in many streams of life, if we just open our eyes to it.  Best of all, there are even more ways to get energized then the ones mentioned above.

By way of example, nigh 3 days ago I was about to head to bed given that it was around 10 PM and I’d been battling a cold for a few days, having an atrociously exhaustive day, when I opted to read a book.  Sounds innocent, doesn’t it?  No big deal, you say.  Perhaps.

I pick up one book, and continued that book where I left off in that novel.  Soon thereafter, I recall that there’s another book I’d been meaning to continue, and switch to that book.  After about an hour of vigorous reading, I switch to another book, so on and so forth.  Four hours later, and bouncing between 5 books, I felt on top of the world.  My energy level was through the roof, and at first it was inexplicable to me.  This was until I realized how powerful allowing my mind to drift through ideas, contemplate creative curiosities and stoking the embers of my imagination was.  The ironic thing is, I should have been even more exhausted than before, given that I was running on empty before I started reading, but such was not the case.  Thereafter, after a few hundreds pages, I was replete with energy as I’d drank from life’s well spring itself.

After going through that instance, I was left with much to ruminate upon.  I found energy and how we tap into it a utterly fascinating idea.  The point is, a simple task that might not hold meaning to others, not only held immense meaning to myself, but was able to invigorate me in a manner I hadn’t been in months.  Not only that, but it allowed me to get things done when I was feeling dreadful, which was one of its greatest advantages.

Tapping into this wellspring of life, energy, whether it comes from a vacation, working out, or whatever other method…is definitely an Ace all Individuals have up their sleeve, even if they don’t use it.  If seen from the point of view of something nourishing and vital to your well being, and I certainly believe it is, then it is something we should all contemplate on doing, and doing regularly.  That’s just my opinion however.  What do you think?

At the opposite side of this example is the fact that all of us, from time to time, will feel stagnant, like a ship without a rudder amidst the winds of life.  Lacking energy [irrespective of reason] leaves us like a leaf in the wind, subject to whatever whim the winds of nature leaves us.  As such, we drift aimlessly in our space and often let the chips fall where they may.  Each and every one of us is familiar with this idea.

How we get there is not as important as how we get out of it.  Thankfully, there are many ways of egress when facing this curious conundrum.

This is why for me, personally, it’s been vital to find as many solutions to this dilemma, which basically means finding as many ideas of things that keep me energized and keep my tanks full.  Please keep in mind, that what might work (best) for myself, might not work for someone else, but hopefully someone can gain better insights into ways they may energize themselves, and even contemplate new ways of tapping into and expanding this untold potential.

Whether it is painting, writing, reading, listening to music, swimming, imagining, exercising, yoga, meditating, mindfulness, meaningful conversations, or someway else, make note of what energizes you.  Keep that in your back pocket, because we all know sooner or later the moment of stagnicity will wrap its tentacles around us and only by being proactive will we be able to shed its limbs.

Better yet, once we realize we can tap into this energy source at any given moment in time, our Individual capabilities increase proportional to how we opt to employ them and how often as well.

At that moment, when energy is restored, the world is in the palm of our hands, and life becomes your personal adventure once more.

And isn’t that what life’s about, living life to the fullest?

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Shifting Gears

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 2, 2018

Blocked Up was going to be strictly about Lego, with a dash of creativity, but, after some extreme rumination took place, I thought it a mistake given how much life has to offer.

Given the range of information and variety Life has to offer, this Blog will be about much more than Lego.  Many subjects will be broached, some more than others, but in the end, the main point will be about finding ways that not only unblock the path for a better future, but that also invigorate individuals of all types to take creative action in their respective lives.

In fact, the range of subjects this Blog will cover will probably seem quite disparate at first, but when seen from an overarching view that all information in Blocked-Up is shared with the goal of sharing something positive to empower individuals to take inspired positive action within their lives, then all will begin to make sense.

Subjects such as Creativity, Consciousness, Imagination, Curiosity, Reading, Quotes, Reviews, Health, Books, Mindfulness, Individuality and much more will be covered in the Blog.

However, that doesn’t mean more salient and pressing issues will be ignored, far from it.  But since this is the beginning of the blog, I find it important to establish a foundation for some of the range of information discussed that will undoubtedly grow with time as we tackle various subject matter.

All things considered, I hope that you find something of value in Blocked Up, and if you do, then that’s great because that’s the whole point, to share things that have inspired me and others into being more proactive as individuals in their daily lives.

Take what works, leave the rest, and meander on one day at a time.  This isn’t a race, but a marathon, one that never ends.

Catch lightning in a bottle, hear thunder boom on a beautiful clear day, and always remember, obstacles are mere stepping stones on the road to success.

See you on the road.

The New Year, The Future & Untapped Potential

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 1, 2018

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Every year, as the New Year approaches, one can sense excitement building in the atmosphere.  In many instances, this type of emotion can be so palpable that it resonates considerably in others.

As we have come to learn, this excitement takes place in large part due to individuals getting ready to create significant changes in their lives; meaningful changes that will be for the better.

The curious part of this conundrum, and what seems quite intriguing about these circumstances is that often times many people choose to wait to make changes after the new year begins, even though they know they would reap rewards via those changes if they were implemented immediately.

If positive, meaningful, and resonant change is to take place, why don’t individuals make changes immediately?  After all, if the benefits are to to be quite substantial, why not venture into the realm of change sooner?

Most people including myself are all guilty of this idea to some extent, and it seems quite paradoxical that individuals would see new ‘resolutions’ as positive, but wait to implement these changes  when the ‘official clock’ strikes midnight.  Should an individual not dance to their own tune?  Why not set your own clock?

Regardless of the reasons, when the New Year begins, hope is in the air, individuals have an extra spring in their step, and the vibe is totally different.  This is quite invigorating to see the least.  It seems the kind of idea in which most if not all benefit when applied with zeal.

As an example some of you may be familiar with, if you go to the gym regularly, specifically on the very first day of the year, you come to realize that this day (year in and year out) is hands down the busiest day of the year for gyms.   In this respect, as someone who shares similar goals to those going, and as an observer of this circumstance for many years, it’s great to witness individuals do the best for themselves and starting out strong.  What I find paradoxical is that these so-called resolutions often dissipate into the hollow habits of the past much of the time.  We’ve all been there in some way shape or form.

Still though, every new year, more and more people end up creating significant change for themselves, and this is quite refreshing.  Be it in search for better health, stronger meaningful relationships, personal growth, or something else, individuals that keep pushing themselves to breakaway from the conventional box we’ve been offered from youth often keep rolling along relentlessly regardless of time, circumstances or obstacles as they tap into their limitless potential.  These individuals make obstacles their daily bread.

Moreover, individuals that get to see those positive changes accrue in those breaking away from the conventional mindset gain confidence and belief in significant ways as they see their friends and/or acquaintances succeed in new endeavours.  This creates a rising tide from which all may benefit.

And at minimum, the future will always hold the option to be the jump-off point for any individual that wishes to create meaningful change if they ever decide to light off into the horizon.

The future offers us individuals energy, possibilities and wonder.

The future is the untraveled road, ready to be paved by the individual – you.

The future is everything we wished for, and more, but only if we make it happen.

The future is the shining star that’s yet to light up your new voyage.

The future is a compass pointing in a new direction; a new course to make berth too.

The future is ultimately a blank canvas, and that’s why we all love it.

And yet, the future is every single day, every new hour and every new minute.  The future doesn’t stop and wait for the New Year just because that’s what we’ve been programmed to do.

The future, like a blank canvas, is always ready to be filled in.

Realizing this, why not make every single day our own personal ‘New Year?  Why not make every day a gateway to change?

The beauty of this conundrum is that it’s only a choice.

Thankfully, the future – our personal blank canvas – is always there.

And always will be, ready for that moment when the choice is made.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once shared:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”